I travel a lot for both work and pleasure.  When travelling, I like to visit as many different local restaurants as I can.  Not only do I enjoy the food, I also get to experience a bit of the local culture.  If you have suggestions about places to try, please contact me and let me know.


I tend to avoid big chains, although small local chains are fine.   It’s not that I have anything against big chains, but when I am somewhere else I don’t like eating at places that I could back home.Meatball appetizer

Over the years, I have visited many different restaurants in many different cities. For years my friends have been telling me to blog about the restaurants I go to.   I have finally decided to do so.

E's brisket

I receive no compensation from any of the restaurants that I review.  The goal is to share the places I enjoy, so don’t expect to see negative reviews.  I will, however, try to give honest evaluations of the restaurants and their food.