G by Mike Isabella

G by Mike Isabella is a fun little restaurant located in a remote northwest part of Washington DC. Mike is a former Top Chef competitor who has several highly rated restaurants in the area.  But that is not why I went to G.  I went there because they had a fundraiser for Back on My Feet.  G made a donation if you bought the “Pig a Peck of Pickled Pineapples” sandwiches during July.  Alas, I did not make it to the restaurant before the offer expired.   But intrigued, I decided to check the restaurant out. Given the name of the sandwich, I was expecting a less upscale place than I found.   If I had known at the time that the Chef was famous, I might have had different expectations.  The restaurant is adjacent with another Mike Isabella restaurant, Kapnos, a Greek inspired tavern, and the two places share a bar.


G by Mike Isabella is known for its sandwiches and its pastas.   On the first trip, I had a sandwich with the roasted cauliflower appetizer.  The sandwich was hearty and delicious, perhaps even enough for two people. (I took half of it home for another meal).  The appetizer had a great mix of flavors, and would be a good dish to share.

On my second trip I had one of the pasta dishes, lamb shank raviolis, with the garlic bread.  The garlic bread was made with nice fresh bread, but the flavor was subtle.  So subtle that it was overpowered by the marinara sauce.  Fortunately, the sauce was amazing.   The bread made for a good choice as an appetizer, as it went well with the ravioli, which every bit as good as it sounds.

A small selection of desserts are available, consisting of an assortment of freshly made baked goods and ice cream.   Looking for something seasonal, I got the apple oatmeal  cream sandwich, served with caramel sauce and ice cream.   Everything tasted freshly made and was quite good; a perfect way to end a meal.


Overall, I was very satisfied with the quality of food and the selection.  The service was quick and the atmosphere relaxing.   It would be a great place to eat at before a show.

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