Convivial – DC Restaurant Week 2016

Going through my archives, I came across these pictures from DC’s summer Restaurant week in 2016. (Actually the photos showed up on my Facebook feed.) I had went to Convivial, a lovely French restaurant located in Northwest DC just a block north of the convention center.


For those unfamiliar with the concept, during restaurant week participating restaurants offer a 3 course meal chosen from a special menu at a discounted price, typically around $35.   The 3 courses are an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, mixed and matched from the restaurant week menu.  Drinks cost extra.   For the discounted price you are limited to items on the set menu, but that menu typically features specialities of the house.


It has been too long since I had this meal for me to provide a proper review of it, but I enjoyed it enough to go back.  I really like Convivial’s ambience, especially the pleasant outdoor patio.  The view is no longer as nice, as a building has popped up blocking the view, but it is still a good place to sit outside and enjoy a meal.

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