Krazi Kabob

My favorite restaurant in College Park is a place with the deceptive name Krazi Kabob. It has a very unique style of food: Indian cuisine, served Chipotle style.

Krazi Kabob has a bunch of things on the menu, all variations on a theme: Naan Wrap, Krazi Bowl, Naan pizza, and Krazi Krunch, plus sides such as samosas, and drinks such as mango lassi. My favorite of all these items is the Naan wrap. It is a burrito style wrap but with the important difference that Indian Naan bread is used instead of a tortilla. Naan is a flat bread, cooked quickly in a hot oven (traditionally a clay tandoor). Karzi Kabob makes its naan fresh with each order. I really love that.

The base of the wrap is fairly similar to other burrito places: white or brown rice. But the next choice brings a little more Indian flavor, with the choice of beans. Black beans are available, but so are curried chick peas, a common ingredient in Indian cooking. After that, the choices are full Indian. The meat can be chicken vindilu or chicken tikka. The vindilu is the spicier of the two, and that is what I normally get. The menu lists other meats and veggie options such as falafel, but I’ve only seen chicken in the restaurant. Next up, you are presented with an array of Indian sauces — the yogurt based korma or tikka masala, a mild curry — and chutneys — Raita, tzatziki, tamarind, or mint yogurt. I like the tamarind chutney, as it is mildly sweet with just a hint of sour. Finally, you choose from an array of toppings. These are more of an American style, with choices such as lettuce, cheese, onions, and corn-mango salsa.

The final result is one giant wrap. If you wish, they will cut it in two for you. The wrap is filling enough that you could easily make two meals out of it.

I highly recommend Krazi Kebob. The food is good and the service is quick, even with the freshly made bread. I find it quite different from the usual college town fare, and a quite the unique dining experience.

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