Next to the Buffalo Bills football team and its propensity for snow, Buffalo is known for its signature food: chicken wings. The most iconic place to get them is not the place that originated them, but a dive bar on Sheridan drive in Amherst called Duffs.

Duffs is a local institution. While it has a couple of locations now, the original location on Sheridan Drive is the one I normally go to. Named after its owner Louise Duffney, it opened in 1946. Back then, it served typical bar food. It did not start serving wings until 1969 and nowadays that is what it is known for. You can get them anywhere from mild to hot, as well as barbecue flavors (but to a Buffalonian, that is heresy). The main difference is the amount of hot sauce the wings are served with. In the hot version, the wings are practically swimming in sauce.

This being Buffalo, the wings are served with celery, carrots, and a house made blue cheese sauce. I use these sides to cut the hotness of the wings. I also highly recommend the French fries, which are served fresh and are almost as famous as their wings. For lunch, they have a special consisting of 10 wings and 2 sides. My first side was, of course, fries. My second was a cup of soup. The special of the day was a steak and cheese soup; perfect for a cold winter day.

Duffs holds a special place in many Buffalonian hearts. But I am not the only person who considers Duffs the place to go. President Barack Obama also ate at Duffs when he visited Buffalo back in 2010.

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