Lone Oak Farm Brewing Co

Olney, Maryland is a suburb of Washington DC, located about 20 miles north of it. Now residential, Olney was mostly agricultural until the 1960s. However, parts of it are still farmland. On one of the historic farms in the area, Chris and Charlie Miller along with Ralph and Ryan Mollet started a brewery: the Lone Oak Farm Brewing Company.

Lone Oak Farm dates from the Civil War. The oak tree for which it is named dates from that era; the tree marked the boundary between Confederate and Union supporters. The surrounding area is still very agricultural and that is what led me to the place. A friend who lives in Olney buys his gardening supplies just a little bit further down the road and he noticed the brewery when it opened up a couple of months ago. With ample open space, he decided it was a perfect location to have a social gathering.

The brews

Since Lone Oak Farm is a brewery, the drinks served is a natural place to start my review. Like most breweries, Lone Oak sells by the glass or in a flight. They also have growlers to go, but the price point is not great on those. We were there on a hot summer day and my go to beer during that time of year is a hefeweizen, a light German wheat beer. Lone Oak Farm has one, the Little Hefe, so I started with a glass of that. It is a good hefeweizen.

Both my companions and I got a flight, which consists of five pours. Of the beers I tasted, my favorite was a sour beer, the plum orange. It has lots of flavor with a distinct but not overpower sour taste. I am also partial to heavier beers, such as a stout or a porter. Lone Oak has one, Deep Root, which is a Milk Chocolate Porter. This is a good porter, but I prefer heavy beers such as this during the winter. The other beers on my flight were the Golden Rod (a witbier), and something new which they called a Blood Orange. I liked the Blood Orange, although it had a weird aftertaste.

Lone Oak also has hard seltzers and sodas, for the gluten intolerant or those who just don’t like beer. I also like these kind of drinks, so I included one in my flight. I wanted to try the watermelon seltzer — a classic summer drink — but they were out. So I had the Lemon Lime one. It was cool and refreshing; I loved it.

The Food

The main items on Lone Oak Farm;s menu are pizza and sandwiches. When I arrived, my friends were eating a pizza. It looked so good that I immediately ordered one. Pizza’s are a fixed price, with a variety of toppings to choose from. I chose sausage, banana peppers, and pineapples. A thin crust pizza, it came out quick. I was not disappointed. It was big enough that I saved some for another meal. A friend got the charcuterie board. He says that it did not disappoint, but that the memorable flavor was the mustard, which was delicious. He certainly demolished it very quickly.

I did not look at the sandwich menu before I ordered my pizza and I wish I had. Their specialty is Maryland Pitt Beef, which has a long tradition in the State. Only crab cakes are more quintessentially Maryland than Pit beef. The next time I go, I plan on getting some.

Lome Oak Farms has two types of desserts: ice cream or cupcakes. I tried one of each (I weighed myself shortly after visiting, and thankfully I did not gain any weight!).

The ice cream is soft serve with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, or both. They have toppings; I got mine without any. It was a fairly standard soft serve: good on a hot day but otherwise nothing to write home about,

The cupcake, however, is a different story. I ordered the strawberry and was pleasantly surprised with what I got. The cake itself was moist and the frosting had a strong, sensual strawberry taste with just the right amount of sweetness. In short, this was a cupcake made the way cupcakes should always be made.


Lone Oak Farm Brewing Company is the perfect place to go on a summer day. With scenic views of the country side and lots of land to stroll around in, its a great place to relax and enjoy food or drink. It is great for kids as well as there is plenty of space for them to run around and play.

With the ample space they are have dispersed the picnic tables throughout the lawn, making it easy to maintain social distancing. The tables also have awnings, which provide shade from the hot Maryland sun and covering when there is a brief summer drizzle.

If that were not enough, Loan Oak Farm also has live music. A band started just as we were leaving, so I cannot comment further. I imagine it adds quite a bit to the ambience.

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking for a good brew or just want to enjoy a relaxing time outdoors, Lone Oak Farm Brewing Company is the place to go.

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