Pepperjacks Subs

Usually, restaurants arrive when new developments are built. With Pepperjacks Subs, it happened the other way around. It has been serving sandwiches since 2003 in an old Scaggsville MD gas station dating from the 50s, in an area that was farmland. Now surrounded by new development, Pepperjacks is still there and the high quality of the food remains.

Pepperjacks is first and foremost a sandwich place. The first thing you see when you walk in is a board covered with photos of sandwiches. They have dozens available, both hot and cold. But is it worth it to take a look at the menu, as they have offerings not included in the photos. Pepperjacks will also custom make a sandwich if there isn’t one to your liking. The price for all the sandwiches is the same: $7.99 for a regular and $11.99 for a large. The large is the size of two regulars, so that is a great price point. What I often do is buy a large and save half for lunch the next day. My photos below are off the regular size.

I normally get a hot sub and my go-to order had been the muenster burger. With two hamburgers, muenster cheese, and 1000 island dressing, it is fabulous.

However, I recently discovered the Stromboli sub – an assortment of Italian deli meats served with a tomato sauce and lots of cheese. It has quickly become my favorite. I’ve also tried some of the cold sandwiches, such as the PJ’s trio – ham, turkey, roast beef, and (or course) pepperjack cheese. All are quite good. Every sandwich is stuffed with generous amounts of meat and served in a home made submarine roll.

Their main side is Boardwalk Fries, ever a Maryland favorite, available in either a cup or a bucket. The cup is large enough for sharing with two people. They also have salads, as a garden side or as a meal. Even the garden is big enough to be a meal. The last time I got one I saved half for the next days meal.

However, Pepprerjacks is known for more than just their sandwiches. They also have desserts. While they do have a small assortment of baked goods, where they really shine is with their ice cream.

Oreo shake ; Brownie sundae

eTheir sundaes are good, but I absolutely love their shakes. My favorite is the Peanut Butter explosion. At most places, shakes consist of a little bit of ice cream with a lot of milk. Not at Pepperjacks. Their shakes are thick and creamy. A lot of ice cream and a tiny amount of milk. They are so thick and creamy that they come with both a spoon and a double sized straw. Pepperjacks has ruined me for getting shakes anywhere else. They just do not compare.

Inside, Pepperjacks has the feel of an old style diner. There is s small dining area with bench seating and some soda fountain style seating. The walls are covered with photos detailing the history of the place. Outside, there is a small picnic area overlooking the hillside.

Overall, Pepperjacks is a great place to get sandwiches in a rustic country setting that is to die for. And you cannot get a better milkshake anywhere. Scaggsville is roughly halfway between DC and Baltimore, just a few miles down Route 216 off of Interstate 95.

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