Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company

If you can’t get ice-cream straight from a cow, the next best thing is at a shop in the middle of farm country. That is the case for Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company, located on the historic Main Street in downtown Sykesville, Maryland,. It has become my favorite place to get ice cream.

Last fall, I was in Carrol County at a local “pick-your-own” farm taking advantage of the end of season specials. After I had stocked up on vegetables for the winter, I was in the mood for some ice cream. A quick Google search turned up Norwood Ice Cream and Candy Company, in nearby Sykesville Maryland. I was not prepared for what I got.

A quick look at the there sign describing “The Norwood Way” and you quickly realize why Norwood is different. The milk is sourced from local cows and the ice cream is made right in the store. The fruit used in the ice cream is also purchased from local farmers as well. You can taste the difference. The ice cream is amazing. And affordable.

Norwood has all the standard flavors but also had seasonal specialties. Examples include Eggnog or Rum Gingerbread. Locals tell me new flavors appear regularly. On my first visit there, I had the Peanut butter fluff and was blown away. Not only was the ice cream delicious, the cone was packed to the very bottom. I was so impressed, I now make sure to stop by whenever I am in the area. Pictured to the right is a cone from my last trip. It consists of the Salted Caramel Chip and Earl Gray Chip. You are correct, those flavors don’t go together at all. But I had a taste of both of them and could not decide between the two. So I got both, in a waffle cone. The cones are home made as well and have always been fresh.

As the name, implies, Norwood Ice cream and Candy Company also sells candy. An assortment of traditional chocolate candy is available. I have not tried it yet, but they do look good.

Sykesville, MD is far enough from me that I don’t get out there often. But since my first visit to Norwood Ice Cream I have been looking for opportunities (excuses?) to head out there. The historic main street is a nice area with several shops and restaurants. Sykesville has a farmers market on Sundays and special events over the summer. There is even another ice cream shop besides Norwood. But the real reason I head to Sykesville is to go to Norwood Ice Cream and Candy Company. It is that memorable.

Update July 4, 2022

New Location in Eldersburg

In late 2021, Norwood closed its Sykesville location and moved to Eldersburg Maryland, about 10 miles north of its old location. It is now in a strip mall. While it is not as scenic as Main Street in Sykesville, the ice cream is just as good and the friendly service remains. They still have to old Norwood sign, although it has been moved indoors. Best wishes for their continued success!

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