Miyako Japanese Steak & Seafood

I was in Frederick Maryland running errands and I needed to eat lunch. I happened across a first class sushi restaurant: Miyako Japanese Steak & Seafood.

Miyako is located on Route 40 right in the center of Frederick. I’m a bit surprised to find that Frederick has such a restaurant. Of note is that it is in a plaza with an H-mart, so I wonder if there is an Asian population nearby. All the staff in the restaurant are Japanese, which gave me hope for authenticity.

As the name implies, there is more than just sushi at Miyako’s. They have a full menu covering tempura, yakisoba, Ramen, and Udon. The only thing missing is curry rice. (I love Katsu curry.) Much table space isdevoted to teppanyaki grills, with plenty of meat options available.

But I was interested in the sushi. Miyako has a large selection of specialty rolls, but I prefer Nigiri sushi. The have all the classics, ordered a la cart. I went with my favorites: Sake (salmon), maguro (fatty tuna), and unagi (grilled eel). You get two with each selection, so I limited myself to 3 kinds. Along with an appetizer, I had plenty of food. With fresh fish and large slices, the sushi is expertly prepared. I was thoroughly pleased.

Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna), and unagi (eel)

Another of my favorite Japanese dishes is gyoza, which Miyako has in their appetizer section.


Gyoza are dumplings stuffed with pork and cabbage (although there are vegetarian versions) and are either steamed or fried. I normally get them fried. Fried gyoza are typically crispy on the bottom and soft on the top. These are a bit different, as they are crispy all over. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them. Gyoza are also traditionally served with a soy based dipping sauce. Miyaki’s came with a large cup of dipping sauce. Light, slightly sweet and salty, it was perfect.

Miyako’s has the feel of a Japanese restaurant down cold. The tables, the lighting, and the decor all evoke the feel of being in Japan. The waiters are prompt and courteous. If I lived closer, I would be going to Miyako Japanese Steak and Seafood a lot.

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