a bit of an institution in Washington DC. Not only because of the type and quality of the food, as it was one of the first restaurants in the area to popularize Spanish tapas, but also because of owner Chef José Andrés who has gained an international reputation for his humanitarian work.

Fun with Cicadas

Every 17 years, millions of Cicada emerge from the ground in order to reproduce. 2021 is one of those years they appear. Where I live, these little insects are everywhere. And even if you don't see them, you can hear them. But can you eat them? Here are a few places that have had some fun with Cicadas, culinary wise.


I recently discovered a great casual restaurant in Washington DC that not only has managed to survive the pandemic, but is expanding to new locations. While new to me, Half-Smoke has been in the Shaw neighborhood of DC since 2016. Not only do they have a great selection of meats, but great cocktails and appetizers as well.