Masala Street Indian Eatery

I love Indian food and have it quite often. But I can’t say that I have had Indian street food before. I was visiting Georgetown University for an event and was looking for a place to eat afterwards. I saw Masala Street on my way to the event and decided had to try it. I’m glad I did, as the food is unique and delicious.

Masala Street Indian Eatery is on O street in Georgetown, near the intersection with Wisconsin Avenue. It’s a bit off the main rode, which is why I had not seen it before. There is a helpful sign on the front window showcasing many of the dishes they carry.

Masala has all the Indian dishes that I am familiar with, such as Chicken Tika Masala and Lamb Vindaloo . In the vegetarian section there are a variety of paneer (cheese) dishes. The appetizers include samosas (dough stuffed with potatoes) and an onion pakora (fried fritter), both dishes I am familiar with, but also French Fries or peanuts with Masala seasoning. They also have a cheese appetizer grilled in a tandoor (Paneer Tika), which I was interested in but they were out of the seasoning.

Samosa chaat

Most of the street food is in the Chaat section of the menu. Chaat, I gather, is the Indian word that refers to food served by street side vendors. The options include dishes made with puffed rice, fried dough, or potato patties. I went with a dish called Samosa Chaat, where a samosa is chopped up and mixed in with chickpeas and topped with tomatoes, onions, and served in a yogurt sauce seasoned with cilantro, tamarind, and mint. The taste is unlike anything I have had before. Absolutely delicious.

Paneer Kati roll

I wasn’t sure if the chaat was going to fill me, so I ordered a second dish. With the Paneer Tika unavailable, I went with another paneer dish, the Paneer Kati roll. Kati Rolls are an Indian street food similar to a burrito, but made with paratha flatbread and flavored with Indian spices. Masala Street has two other types or Kati Rolls: vegetable or chicken. All three types are filled with onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and the house special sauce I found the Samosa chaat quite filling, so I ended up saving the roll for the next day. I liked the mixture of spices, but as I was eating it cold I did not get the full flavor of the dish. I hope to give it another try.

Mango Lassi

My favorite Indian drink is a Mango Lassi and I always order one at such restaurants. Lassis are yogurt based drinks, served either sweet or salty. Masala has the Mango Lassi along with a salty lassi and a lassi sweetened with sugar, but I stuck with my favorite. It came out in a small cup but it was filled with a thick Lassi. There was no ice, so I did not feel shorted. I was happy with it.

Masala Street Indian Eatery is a small, hole in the wall type place. But the food is excellent. Everything was made to order. I could hear the owner chopping in the ingredients and smell the seasonings while it was cooking. Food does not get fresher than this. While not fast food my meal came out relatively quickly, in about 15 minutes. Although, the place was empty when I arrived. Several people came in while I was there; most were doing take out. The owner is very friendly and helpful. When I made my order, he asked how spicy I wanted it. I said spicy, and he delivered. While dining, he inquired about the spice level. I replied it was perfect. I asked him how long he had been open. He has been there 8 months. I hope the business is doing well, as I love his food.

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