Chesapeake Grille and Deli

I was in Bowie to see a play and decided to look nearby for a good place to eat dinner.   I came across a southern sandwich shop that had really good food, including desserts.

IMAG3466Chesapeake Grille and Deli is both a sandwich shop and a grill.  The one in Bowie is their second location.  The original is in southern Maryland, in Dunkirk.   The restaurant stuck me as primarily a sandwich place, but that is not quite right as they have a full line of surf and turf options.  I suspect their southern location has less of a fast food feel to it.  Meat entrées include meatloaf, pulled pork, steak, and burgers.  Seafood entrées include salmon, fish tacos, and the quintessentially Maryland crab cakes.   They also have a full line of appetizers and desserts, along with the sandwiches.



For my appetizer, I ordered the Crab Dip Bruschetta, small pieces of toasted French bread topped with a cheese/crab dip. With a healthy dose of Old Bay seasoned crab, I found it a nice twist on the classic bruschetta.  As I got there late afternoon,  I was not hungry enough to  eat a full entrée. So I limited myself to the sandwich menu. As I have had a lot of barbecue recently, I skipped all the pork items and settled on the prime rib sub. The sub is served with toppings of your choice, and I decided on pickles and sautéed onions. The result was juicy and delicious, although a bit salty.   The portion size was very generous and I could have made two meals out of it.  I substituted a garden salad instead of the normal chips side  (the chips came out anyway). The salad was quite well done, being full of fresh vegetables.

Smith Island Cake
Smith Island Cake

Chesapeake has a full line of desserts, including the state dessert of Maryland: the Smith Island cake.  The classic Smith island cake is layered with fudge icing.  They had that version, but they also had a banana one as well.  As the cashier highly recommended the banana cake,  I went with that.   The cake dense with a strong banana taste, balanced out nicely by a light cream cheese frosting.  The combination made the cake slightly reminiscent of a carrot cake.    I liked it, although being a bit of a chocoholic I do prefer the original Smith Island.


All in all, I found the Chesapeake Grille and Deli to be a solid place to eat, a mix between a fast food restaurant and a sit down restaurant.  The food is a bit pricer than a fast food place, but the quality is there to match.

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