Questa Lasagna

Mount Morris, a small village in the western part of New York State, is best known for Letchworth State Park.   Now I have a second reason to visit: a small Italian restaurant called Questa Lasagna.  A local recommended the place to me, and I am glad she did.

Questa Lasagna

Questa Lasagna is known for its homemade pasta, made fresh each day.  Not too surprisingly, their menu has a range of pasta dishes including ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, Pasta Fagioli, and several varieties of lasagna.   In previous visit, I enjoyed the ravioli.  In this visit, I had one of the daily specials: the Amatriciana.  This is a classic Italian sauce served over pasta.  Questa Lasagna’s version of this dish contained tomatoes, onions, pancetta, and plenty of grated pecorino cheese.   Like all their entrees, this is served with Italian bread and a fresh salad.   They have four house dressings to choose from: a creamy Italian, a traditional Caesar (made with anchovies!), and two types of balsamic.   I went with the Caesar.   I also wanted to try their meatballs, so I ordered one as an appetizer, served with their marinara sauce.

The salad was absolutely fantastic, due in a large part to the dressing, but the greens were also fresh and crisp.  The pasta was very, very good as well,and the Amatriciana sauce had a great blend of flavors.    The meatball was solid but I found the marinara sauce a  little bland.   I ordered dessert to go, in order to taste one of their signature dishes: chocolate lasagna.  Made with  layers of chocolate noodles sandwiched between a rich, cannoli like filling along with chocolate ganache, all topped with whipped cream (real whipped cream).  It is simply divine!


Questa Lasagna has become one of my favorite restaurants, and I try to stop by whenever I am in the area.   The fresh, homemade pasta, is hard to beat.

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