Hoover’s Dairy

Some of the best places to get ice cream are at  dairy farms.  Hoover’s Dairy, located in Sanborn New York is one such place.

Hoover’s Dairy

Hoover’s Dairy is both a restaurant and a dairy farm.  At the restaurant, they have a hot grill where one can order sandwiches or burgers.   But we got there after the grill had closed and had to stick with the ice cream.  IMAG4476 They serve both hard and soft serve.  The hard ice cream is Perry’s, and they have dozens of flavors to choose from.  The soft serve is made from there own milk, with a choice of chocolate, vanilla, twist, or flavor of the month.  I was warned ahead of time that the serving sizes are generous — “the medium is the size of your forearm” — and to get the small or even “the baby”.  We had ice cream cones of all sizes, as can readily be seen in the photos.


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Everyone agreed that the hard serve ice cream was excellent, as Perry’s Ice Cream always is. The selection of different flavors is fantastic.  I neglected to taste the soft serve myself, but have been told they are delicious.  The soft serve is certainly quite popular.  Furthermore, they several kinds of Sundays to choose from. I tried one, the “Uncle Tommy”, peanut butter ice cream with fudge sauce with Reeces pieces mixed in and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It was every bit as delicious as it sounds.


At the dairy, you can buy fresh milk of any kind. At the restaurant, the choices are limited to strawberry or chocolate. We got one of each.  The chocolate is like drinking a “liquid milky way bar”, and the strawberry has good flavor without being overly sweet.  After having the milk, I was not surprise to hear that their strawberry milkshake has the reputation of being the best around.


So if you are ever in Buffalo or Niagara Falls, I recommend a trip to the country side and indulging in the ice cream at Hoover’s.

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