If Buffalo is known for one thing (other than snow and the Bills), it is chicken wings.  There are many places throughout the city where you can get good wings.  Truly great wings, on the other hand, is much harder to find.  Hidden away in a Knights of Columbus hall in Kenmore, you will find a place that serves the best.

Wingnutz is truly a Mom and Pop operation, run be the couple Alicia and Ed Wrazen.   The primary item on the menu is the “Gourmet Jumbo Wings”, although they also serve roast beef sandwiches as well (another Buffalo staple).  And the wings truly are jumbo.  I must say I have never had wings so large.  Even the flat wings have quite a bit of meat on them, much more than is usual on those pieces.  All the wings were crispy, yet juicy, while covered in sauce.  Exactly what you would want in a chicken wing.  They also do not skip on the sides.  The blue cheese sauce served on the side (and it should be blue cheese, and not ranch), is a house made sauce that is fabulous.

They have a variety of flavors: Wingnutz (in mild, medium, and hot varieties), more traditional Buffalo style (also in mild, medium, or hot), as well as Cajun and BBQ.   But their signature sauces are the Wingnutz ones.  The mild is a sweet sauce, and not hot as well.  The medium is also sweet, but with a bit of a kick to it.  The hot was spicy, almost too spicy.  My favorite was the medium.  The day we were there, Wingnutz was offering a special flavor, Apricot Asian.  Like the mild wings, this was a sweet sauce, very reminiscent of a sweet and sour.  The owner said the sauce was from a grilled shrimp recipe, but it goes very well on chicken as well.

We stuck with the wings, but I have heard that the roast beef sandwiches are excellent.  Someone else ordered the roast beef, and it was served with a generous helping of fries.

As we were there on Small Business Saturday, Wingnutz was offering free deserts.  Alicia had made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, while Ed had samples of chocolate cake with almond flavored whipped cream frosting.  Both were delicious!

Housed in the dining room of the Knight’s hall, it is very small. It has about 1/2 dozen tables and could accommodate less than 50 people.  Also, the wings are made to order and take a while to make.  So waiting times are long, even when there is a small crowd.  In fact, the menu warns “Please be patient with us – your food is made with love and it will take time for your wing orders.”   I recommend calling ahead and seeing what the wait time is.   But the food is definitely worth the wait!

Knights of Columbus Hall, Kenmore

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