Danny’s – A Taste of Buffalo

Just down the street from the stadium of the Buffalo Bills is a restaurant that looks like an Irish Pub. While it does have a bar section (and serves Guinness!), for those that are looking for a good pub, Danny’s is also a fabulous family style restaurant that has a wide selection and plenty of the Buffalo area favorites.

A popular item at Danny’s is their soup and salad bar, which includes an adaptation of the most famous Buffalo food: chicken wing soup. The soups at the salad bar are served with a cup, making it easy to try more than one. Of the four available, I tried three: their signature Buffalo wing, the chicken parmesan, and a barley vegetable. All were quite good. Of the three, I liked the chicken parmesan the best: a hearty tomato based soup filled with parmesan cheese and penne pasta. Comfort food at its finest. The Buffalo chicken is more of a cheese soup, with a slight tang from the hot sauce. It is good, but the parm was better.

The salad bar has a nice variety of ingredients and several dressings to choose from. The salad greens has a nice mix of greens, and not just iceberg lettuce. That is something I always look for in a salad bar. You could easily make a meal of just the salad bar. Or you can add it to your meal for a couple of dollars. It comes free with the kids’ meals.

For the main meal, a variety of dishes are available. This includes burgers and sandwiches but also a fish fry and even barbecue ribs. This also includes traditional Buffalo food such as wings and Beef on Weck (a roast beef sandwich served on a salted kimmelweck roll). If you can’t decide, or if you are home sick for Buffalo, they have a “Taste of Buffalo” platter with both.

I had the daily special: prime rib sliders. These were thin slices of beef on a soft roll. The beer was well done. Not bad, but I prefer my prime rib to be a bit rarer. My cousin got the “Taste of Buffalo”, which she just loved, along with a glass of Labbatt Blue (a Canadian beer, but popular in Buffalo) .

My brother-in-law got the fish fry. Friday Fish fries are common in Buffalo but many restaurants, like this one, offer them throughout the week. A choice of cod or haddock was available. He went with the haddock. It was a decent size serving of fish, thickly breaded, with a good crisp and not greasy at all. My nephew got the ribs, which he described as exquisite. They were fall off the bone tender. He also described his curly fries as exquisite as well, although when pressed he declared them fabulous.


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I did not get a dish by dish review from everyone at the table, but all enjoyed their meal.

Danny’s also has many dessert options available, including a variety of pies and sorbets. I went with their award winning peanut butter pie, while others went with the rainbow sorbet. Both were excellent. The pie was fresh and creamy, with just a hint of a peanut butter taste. The sorbet was light but packed with flavor. Both were great ways to end the meal.

The atmosphere is nice and friendly. The restaurant extensively decorated with all sorts of train and airplane memorabilia and with miscellaneous nick knacks. It accommodates large crowds easily and is very kid friendly. The wait staff is very pleasant as well.

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