Roscoe’s Neapolitan Pizzeria

Roscoe’s Neapolitan Pizzeria is a much beloved restaurant found on the main street in Takoma Park, has been serving up great wood fired pizza since 2009.

The name comes from old Takoma Park lore. Throughout the 90s a rooster made its home in Takoma Park, roaming the city. It could even snarl up traffic, when crossing a road. Locals say that early in the mornings, one would be woken up by its crowing. Alas, Roscoe is no longer with us. But he is not forgotten, especially at the pizzeria. Paintings of Roscoe adorn the walls.

Roscoe’s is known for its pizza, although other fare is available. Among the starters and salads, the item that caught my eye was their flat breads. These are essentially small rectangular pizzas. I ordered the sausage flat bread and found it a perfect lunch sized meal.

Some of my companions veered from the pizza menu and got paninis, the eggplant frittata, and a vegetable bake. All received rave reviews. The Capricciosa pizza was ordered for my friend’s son. The Capricciosi is covered with vegetables, mozzarella, and Italian ham. We were all surprised at how big the child’s portion was. It looks like it could fill an adult.

For dessert, I had the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, one of the house specialities. Made with mutligrain bread and raisins, it was more dense and filling than I expected. Lightly covered with a white chocolate sauce, it was quite delicious. I do recommend sharing. Other dessert options include the house made Tiramisu, another house speciality, and gelato. The gelato comes from Dolci Gelati next door. We did not partake of that, but did made note of it for future visits.

Roscoe’s has a relaxed, casual ambience with rustic decor. Like many places in Takoma Park seating is limited. They do have outdoor seating, which provides more space when the weather is good. (Alas, it was raining the day we visited.) They were able to handle our large group quite well, and the good came out pretty quickly. Everything was freshly made, so that feat is quite impressive.

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