Lucky 13 – Best Burgers in Utah

On a trip to Salt Lake City, I stumbled across a place that has the best burgers in Utah!

I was visiting a friend in Salt Lake City. After a morning of site-seeing, we were hungry for lunch. I had seen Apollo Burgers all over the place and wanted to try the chain. We took the TRAX a couple of stops towards the Apollo Burger in city center. As we approached the stop, just past the Apollo, we noticed it was closed. After lamenting this, a fellow passenger recommended we go to a place on 13th street, saying it had great burgers and that big college athletes love to go there. As this was just a couple of stops further (but just outside the fare free zone), we decided to try it out. The place was Lucky 13.

Lucky 13 is a bar and it is on 13th street, right across the street from Smith’s Ballpark, where Salt Lake’s minor league baseball team plays. They check your id at the door, before you enter. While we were waiting to do so we got our first surprise. The maitre d said hold on and 10 seconds later a group of people came running out of the restaurant and down the street. It turns out Lucky 13 has a food challenge. If you can eat both of their large burger dishes, the Big Benny and the Bear Burger, you win $1000. This is not easy to do, as combined they have over 42 ounces of meat. The cost is $45, so one does not want to take this up lightly. Some poor soul tried it and could not finish. Or pay for the meal. He skipped out the back of the bar. He did not get far, as he was quickly caught and charged by the police.

Stuffed japlapenos appetizer

Once inside, we immediately saw newspaper clippings that voted Lucky 13 “The best burgers in Utah.” A good sign. I was briefly tempted to try the challenge. The Big Benny is a foot tall burger with bacon, ham, and cheese. The Bear Burger is half that size but stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches and loaded with jalapenos. While they did sound tasty, there was just no way I could finish one of them; both was out of the question.

We did however, want to try an appetizer. The special of the day was stuffed jalapeno peppers so we ordered that. I was expecting breaded and deep fried peppers to come out. Instead, the jalapenous came wrapped in bacon and roasted. Served with a sweet and sour sauce, they were heart clogging good.

For our meal, we both had burgers. I got the Ring of Fire and my friend got the Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Burger. The Ring of Fire is filled jalapenos and habaneros, although I ordered mine without the habaneroes. Other toppings were bacon, cheese, and grilled onions.

Ring of Fire

So were these the best burgers in Utah? As this was the only burger I had in Utah, I cannot say. However, I believe the claim. These burgers were delicious. As advertised, they are quite large. They are also quite juicy and flavorful. The onion rings were crisp but not greasy or dried out. My friend rated his black bean burger highly, saying it was bigger and denser than most other burgers he had had.

If you like burgers and are in Salt Lake City, Lucky 13 is one of the places you stop at.

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