Brookland Pint

I first stopped at Brookland Pint on a Friday evening last winter, looking for a place to eat that was still open and was not too far out of my way. Located right next to the Catholic University metro stop, Brookland Pint fit the bill. I liked the food and drink so much that I’ve come back again and again.

After mentioning this to others, I found out that I was not the only one that had an appreciation for Brookland Pint. Turns out that when they lived in the area, they would often go there with friends. The like the selection of beers and feel that the food is pretty good as well.


Passion Fruit Orange Guava (sour beer)

The first thing I noticed about Brookland Pint is their diverse beer menu. They feature a wide variety of beers from local brewers. This includes Crooked Crab, Bold Mariner, Calvert Brewing, Beltway Brewing Company, and Peabody Heights Brewing. The selection includes a wide variety of sours. So many sours that I have had a hard time picking which ones to try. Until one day when I noticed people at another table getting a sampler flight. So that is what I now do.

Left to right: Strawberry cider, Kolsch, Cold Pro Tangerine, Paper Parasols: Whiskey Sour
Furious George

Favorite beers of mine include Crooked Crab’s Furious George, Daniel’s Dessert Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (from Calvert Brewing), and Peabody Heights H8erade. All are very good sours. H8erade bears a special mention in that it is a green colored beer. I saw someone at another table drinking it and had to ask them what it was. It is a little sweeter than the other sours, but not too sweet. In addition to sours, they also have a small selection of ciders, pilsners, and stouts. One cider I like is a strawberry cider which I think was from Downeast Cider House.


Brookland Pint has all the standard appetizers you would expect to find in a bar, from calamari to pretzels. I have sampled a couple of them: the crispy Brussels Sprouts, the nachos, and the wings. All three are excellent.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

My favorite is Brussels Sprouts. Crisped to perfection, they are scrumptious. You do get a lot of them, though. As appetizer, it feeds at least four people. If you don’t have that many, be prepared to take some home. The wings are noteworthy as well. They are big, plump, and juicy. Several sauce options are available: Buffalo, Honey Bourbon BBQ or Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. I went with the Thai Chili Sauce. It is not spicy, but has a nice sweet and sour flavor that went well with the wings. There is also a choice of breaded (heaven forbid!) or not. And the wings served with carrots, celery, and real blue cheese. Not many places outside of Buffalo have these details.

Sandwiches and Entrees

The sandwich section of the menu has a good deal of options, including burgers, a club, grilled chicken, and a couple of kinds of cheesesteaks. All sandwiches come with the option of Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, or a side salad. I’ve always gotten the salad, which consists of fresh greens and plenty of vegetables.

I have gotten the burger several times and have never been disappointed. It’s big and juicy; the perfect burger. I have also tried both the the cheesesteak options: regular and pizza steak. Both are very good and come with a good amount of meat. I could have used more sauce on the regular cheesesteak, but enjoyed the pizza steak without reservation.

In addition to sandwiches, Brookland Pint has rice bowls and two entrees: Spaghetti and meatballs and grilled salmon. I have not tried any of these.


Brookland Pint serves four desserts. I have had them all. My absolute favorite is the Double Chocolate Brownie. Served with a rich, dense chocolate brownie and topped with a giant scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, it is divine. It has ruined brownie sundaes from other places for me. Since going to Brookland Pint, I have had them elsewhere and have been disappointed. They just do not compare to Brookland’s version.

Double Chocolate Brownie

Their other dessert choices are carrot cake, cheesecake, and key lime pie. All are quite good, but the key lime pie is noteworthy because it is richer and denser than the typical key lime pie. I love it, but if you want something light I would recommend the cheesecake, which is creamy and less dense. One final comment on the desserts is that I do not care for the whipped cream, which comes with both pies. It does not taste freshly made.

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I have mostly gone to Brookland Pint on Friday nights. At such a time, it has exactly the ambiance you would expect of a bar in a college town: noisy and full of college kids. The wait staff also consists of mostly college age youths. Despite that I have found them to be consummate professionals: very knowledgeable about the menu while providing prompt, courteous service. The bar keepers are also friendly and gregarious.

I once went there on a Saturday afternoon and was quite surprised with the difference in ambiance. It was filled with families with young kids! It is rare for a place to be so adept at serving two very different kinds of clientele.

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