Sprinkles Creamery

I was looking for some ice cream after an outing in Akron, New York. A quick search turned up Sprinkles Creamery in nearby Corfu. A rustic little ice cream stand located in the middle of the New York countryside, Sprinkles has great ice cream, unique confections, and a great view.

Sprinkles Creamery is located right on Route 77, the main road in Corfu, just a couple of miles south of the New York throughway.

Despite the name, Sprinkles is not a creamery. Hard scoop ice cream is from Perry’s while soft serve is from Upstate Farms. I’ve mentioned Perry’s before, in my Summer is for Ice Cream article. It is a New York based creamery headquartered in Akron and has been around since 1918. Upstate Farms is also local to Western New York; it is a dairy cooperative consisting of over 340 family farms. Their milk is frequently seen in the area. I’m not sure I have seen their ice cream before.

Sprinkles has 28 flavors of Perry’s ice cream, 7 of which I have only seen at this creamery. This brings the total number of unique flavors of Perry’s that I am aware of up to 61. There are only two flavors at all four of these places I have written about: Cannoli and Cotton Candy. Piece of Cake was found at the previous three locations but is not at Sprinkles Creamery (but I visited the other places last summer, so flavors may have changed).

Monster Dough

The 7 flavors unique to Sprinkles are: Blueberry Cheesecake, Blue Moon, Lemon Chillo, Monster Dough, Peanut Butter Chip, Queen of Hearts, and Sea Salt Caramel Coffee. Blue Moon is described as a “cosmic blue colored mystery flavor” and looks to be a kid oriented flavor. The tantalizing titled Queen of Hearts is made with a dark chocolate ice cream base and has raspberry swirls and fudge filled hearts mixed in. Lemon Chillo is lemon ice cream with lemon cookie swirls mixed in (so no alcohol). My companion got Monster Dough, which has a cookie dough ice cream base with peanut butter swirls, chocolate candies, and oatmeal cookie pieces mixed in. We both thought it is delicious. I especially like the pronounced the peanut butter taste of the swirls.

In addition to cups and cones of ice cream, Sprinkles has shakes and sundaes. They also have an item called a sunshake, consisting of a shake with a sundae on top!

Chocolate covered strawberry sunshake

I ordered the chocolate covered strawberry sunshake. Made with strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries mixed in, topped with Cool Whip, and absolutely dripping in a fresh hot fudge sauce, it is divine! The perfect summer shake.

Sprinkles Creamery has plenty of staff, all of whom were courteous and pleasant. The line was short and orders came out quickly. There is also a drive through, which had a steady stream of cars going through it while we were there. Sprinkles has no inside seating, but there is copious outdoor seating on picnic tables right behind the building. Surrounded by fields, the view is spectacular.

For fantastic ice cream in a pleasant country environment, I heartily recommend Sprinkles Creamery.

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