Lickity Split ice cream

This summer an ice cream food truck started appearing at the College Park Farmers Market. Featuring home made, small batch ice cream, Lickity Split has quickly become one of my favorite ice creams.

Because it is small batch, the flavors change every week. Over the course of the summer I have seen 25 different flavors, which includes 5 non-dairy options. Of these, only three have been there every week: Vanilla, Cookie Dough, and Non-dairy Chocolate. Several other flavors are quite frequent thought. These are Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Cookies N’ Cream, and Chocolate. Almost half of the flavors were there only once. Some noteworthy items in this category are Summer Dream (a creamsicle inspired flavor), Strawberry Banana, and Caramel Stroop Waffle. In addition to the ice cream, Lickity Split usually has a couple varieties of fruitsicles.

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I have had 6 of there flavors. Each one has a strong distinct flavor. Of the 6, my favorite is Chocolate City (not pictured). It consists of a chocolate ice cream base and is filed with bits of brownies and chocolate chips. The chocolate has a deep, dark flavor. The mix-ins add to the sumptuousness, making it quite decadent.

Lickity Split’s ice cream comes in two sizes: single (for $3.99) or double (for $5.99). I normally get the single and that is what is pictured. Both sizes comes with a free topping: chocolate sauce, whipped cream or sprinkled. The whipped cream is made fresh on the spot and is fantastic. But I feel that the ice cream is good enough on its own and the toppings are a distraction. There also have a build your own sundae option as well.

With rich, creamy ice cream and a strong selection of flavors, Lickity Split has quickly become one of my favorite ice creams. I look forward to seeing them on the weekend and am disappointed when they aren’t there. I highly recommend checking their schedule and trying their ice cream.

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