French Pub

After doing some Christmas caroling, my friends and I had lunch at French Pub, a favorite restaurant of one of the group. French Pub is a sports bar in the suburbs of Buffalo that my friend has been going to since the 90s. When asked for a dish recommendation, he said everything is good. Based on my experience, he was not exaggerating.

Located near on French Road in Depew, near the intersection with Borden Road, French Pub has been in business since 1994. And it has been owned and operated by Ken Kozminski the entire time. My friend is not the only one who holds the restaurant in high regard. David Lyman, “the Fish Fry Whisperer”, recommends it. It also showed up on Step out Buffalo‘s best Reuben list. And it shows up in many of WYRK’s “best of” lists, most recently “Top 30 Beef on Weck Restaurants in WNY.

After being seated, we were immediately given two big baskets of popcorn. It took us a while to go over the menu, so the waitress kept on refilling the baskets. We went through 3 of them.

French Pub has a good selection of appetizers. The daily menu had Stuffed Peppers, Nachos Supreme, and Cheesy Fried Egg Rolls. The main menu has some more; items such as Cheddar Potato Skins, Pretzel Stix, and Loaded French Fries.

Beer Cheese Soup (cup)

No one in our group was hungry enough to share an appetizer, but I was interested in one. So I ordered a cup of soup. Faced with the choices of Chicken Noodle, Beer Cheese, or French Onion, I went with the Beer Cheese. Thick with cheese, loaded with chopped bacon and served with a soft pretzel that tasted fresh out of the oven, it was the perfect soup for a cold winter day.

For entrees, French Pub has a typical sports bar menu. In Buffalo, this means wings, fish fry, burgers, and sandwiches. In addition to the Beef on Weck (a regional specialty that consist of Roast Beef on a Kimmelweck roll), they also have French Dip and Buffalo Chicken Panini (chicken tenders with hot sauce, bacon, American and blue cheeses). Non-sandwich options include barbecue ribs, chicken tenders, or a meat loaf dinner.

I had a big breakfast, so I chose a salad for my main meal. One of the daily specials was an Apple Walnut Crunch salad and that is what I chose. Wanting some protein, I added the optional grilled chicken. I picked the house vinaigrette for the dressing. The salad was excellent. The greens were fresh romaine lettuce and there was plenty of apples, cranberries, and cheese. The crunch was provided by candied walnuts. I am always leery of ordering grilled chicken breasts as they tend to be bland or dry. Not so here. They were well marinated; tender and plenty of flavor. The house vinaigrette has a good balance; a little sweet along with a touch of zing.

My friend who recommended French Pub ordered the “Thanksgiving on a plate.” He didn’t even look at the menu, just ordering the “turkey platter. It must be a favorite. Thanksgiving arrived with a heaping serving of turkey smothered with gravy, with sides of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. He loved it. My other friends’ orders were: a Greek salad, the Beef on Weck, and a hamburger. The Beef on Weck was thick with roast beef. It received high marks. The Greek salad also had a favorable review.

A perfect medium

My companion who ordered the burger wanted no cheese but some spice. The waitress accommodated by adding a good amount of jalapenos. It was also ordered medium. In my experience, when you order a burger that way it typically comes out well done. Not here. It was cooked to a perfect medium. My friend was pleased, saying it was a good burger.

Peanut Butter Pie

I had saved room for dessert. The choices were: Peanut Butter Pie, Lemon Meringue, New York Cheesescake, or the Ultimate Chocolate Mousse Cake. All sounded good, but the pie had a little “Made Here” symbol next to it. I had to go with that. It was sumptuous: light and fluffy with a mild peanut butter taste, plenty of whipped cream (not from a can!), and drizzled with a chocolate sauce. A great way to end the meal.

While a sports bar, the French Pub has the ambience of a family restaurant. With plenty of tables (we were in one of three rooms), we were quickly seated even though we arrived in the middle of the lunch rush. The waitress was friendly and accommodating. For great comfort food, good service, and a family friendly environment I heartily recommend French Pub.

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