Yorkholo Brewing Company

I was traveling for the holidays and found myself in Mansfield Pennsylvania around dinner time. A quick online search found a couple of local restaurants. The one that seemed the most interesting was Yorkholo Brewing Company. It’s a great pub. I love the beer selection and the colorful atmosphere.

Surprisingly, Yorkholo was packed when I arrived. Not something I expected on a Tuesday night. Turns out, it was trivia night and that proved to be quite popular. I was worried that there would be no seats available, but they cleared a spot for me at the bar.

The Yorkholo Brewing Company has eight of their beers on tap. This included a wheat ale, an amber, a lager, a stout, and four IPAs. They also had some guest beers, which I did not make note of, and some local ciders. I am not a IPA fan, so I decided to steer clear of those. (Although, two did intrigue me: a Pumpkin Pie IPA, and a IPA made with rye.) I ended up going with the stout: My Inner Demons Imperial Stout. Their Facebook page gives the origin of the name “My Inner Demons is our accolade to the constant inner battles we all experience on a daily basis that go unnoticed by everyone around us.”. This is a very good stout, dark and full of complex flavors. A great mid-winter drink. I also had a peach cider which was clear and refreshing.

Yorkholo’s food menu has typical bar fare: an assortment of burgers, wings, wraps, and sandwiches (chicken or pulled turkey). Plated entrees include fish & chips, shrimp & pasta, and meatloaf. There are also a couple of entree salad options. Appetizers include Beer Battered Pickles, Poutine, and Yorkholo fries.

The Yorkholo Salad interested me. It consists of greens topped with vegetables, blue cheese, dried cranberries, and walnuts. I almost ordered that, but one of their burgers caught my eye. The PB & J Pretzel burger is a 1/2 lb beef burger topped with a jalapeno and habanero jelly, crunchy peanut butter, bacon, and Velveeta all in a pretzel bun.

PB&J Pretzel Burger

Given the crowd, I was expecting it to take awhile before I got my food. But it came out relatively quickly; around 5-10 minutes. Despite being overcooked (I had ordered medium and it came out well done), I enjoyed the burger. The half pound of meat was quite substantial and they did not skip on the toppings. The jelly was a little spicy but not overpowering. The pretzel bun was actually shaped like a pretzel, a rarity which I quite liked, and buttery. The bun along with the copious amounts of peanut butter made it messy to eat. But well worth it. I would order it again.

Side salad

All of the burgers come with fries, fresh or seasoned, but other options are available for an up charge. The choices are: poutine, onion rings, mashed potatoes, or a side salad. Tempted as I was by the poutine, I restrained myself and ordered a salad. Served in a small bowl, it has Romaine Lettuce topped with shredded cheese, red onions, and cherry tomatoes. Fresh ingredients all around, it is a good salad.

Oreo mousse cake

I purposefully saved room for dessert, as a sign near the entrance listed an Oreo mousse cake as a daily special. I wish I could say that it was as good as it looks, but I found the filling too gelatinous. It had a decent flavor, but I was hoping for something richer tasting. A bit disappointing.

One thing that was not lacking was ambience. I observed several rounds of the trivia and it was a lot of fun. The questions were all Christmas themed and fairly diverse. Some were easy and some were hard and the subject matter varied. Having people of different ages and backgrounds on a team would greatly increase your chances. And the moderator was fantastic, enthusiastically reading off the questions and answers and announcing the winners. My conversations with people at the bar were also pleasant.

Overall, despite having a mixed experience with the food, I liked Yorkholo Brewing Company and hope to visit again. The beer is very good and the atmosphere is killer.

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