Kentucky Greg’s Hickory Pit

Located in Depew, an eastern suburb of Buffalo, is a classic barbecue place called Kentucky Greg’s Hickory Pit.  I’ve never been to Kentucky, so I can’t attest to how authentic it is.  But what I can attest to is that the food is good.


We started of with the nachos : shredded pork smothered with cheese and topped with jalapeños.  Gooey and delicious, it is exactly what nachos should be.


For my entree, I went with the beef brisket sandwich while my companion got the ribs.   They have two sauces: a traditional BBQ and a hot sauce.  We are in Buffalo, after all.  However, I stuck with the traditional sauce, which went well with the brisket.


A generous helping of brisket  was served inside thick Texas sized slices of toast.  The brisket itself was moist and flavorful, a perfect barbecue.  For a side, I got the fried okra which was crisp, without being greasy.   As for the ribs, here’s what my friend had to say:

Being that I like competition style ribs, I like them done a tad less so the bone doesn’t pull free but the meat will bite cleanly off the bone. These were closer to that than most any other restaurant I have visited where most cook them so the meat falls off the bone. The sauce was good and flavorful, but not overbearing.

After eating a generous helping of nachos and the thick brisket sandwich, I was going to skip dessert.  Until I saw the menu.  I simply could not resist the peanut butter pie.


The peanut butter pie, freshly made, was a delight.  Often restaurants serve pre-packaged pies that are dense and industrial tasting.  Not so here!  It was fresh, fluffy, and delicious.   My friend got the sweet and salty fudge pie.  He said it was excellent: “Rich and decadent, yet not cloyingly over sweet!”

Good barbecue, and great desserts.  What more could you want?


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