Return to Somerset

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, I had a chance to stop at what has become my favorite restaurant in Pennsylvania: Bella’s Bakery and Soda shop.   I’ve written about this place before, but feel the place deserves to be written about again.  It is a combination bakery, cafe, soda fountain.    Besides dining in, the place also provides catering for its baked goods.  While I was there, the baker was decorating a turkey shaped cake that was incredible.

The service counter at Bella’s Bakery.  The large selection of soda flavors that Bella’s makes is on the wall.

As I wrote last time, this place overflows with the kind of warmth and hospitality that you can only find in small town America.  Driving this point home, even though it had been over six months since I had been there, the proprietor recognized me and welcomed me back.  I was and still am amazed.

The last time I was there I was full from a festival I was at so I did not get a chance to sample the lunch menu.  I corrected that this trip.  I ordered straight from the menu, but a family who came in just after me ordered a pizza which are not on the menu so there are additional items available.  Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the hearty bowl of the roasted tomato and basil bisque and one of their signature paninis. I also got a mint chocolate hot cocoa, which was delicious.

For dessert I had a pumpkin whoopie pies, a Pennsylvania staple. They have dozens of other flavors to choose from.  I also got an éclair to go.  the eclair was prefectly made and delicious.  The outside was crisp and flaky and the custard filling was rich and tasty without being too sweet.

An expertly made éclair from Bella’s

My recommendation remains unchanged. If you are anywhere near Somerset you should stop in Bella’s.  You won’t be disappointed.


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