The Dish & Dram

My friends’ kids were visiting their grandmother, giving us an opportunity to try restaurants where the kid friendly options are limited. We found just such a spot near the center of old town Kensington, MD. A high end bistro: The Dish & Dram. Found by Zena Polin and Jerry Hollinger, it open in Nov 2016.


The Dish & Dram has an interesting cocktail menu. So I decided to try one of them. I don’t recall the name, but it was essentially a Gold Rush, a Whiskey Sour like drink made with lemon juice and honey. I like sour drinks with a hint of sweetness, and that is exactly what I got. A good drink for a summer day. I did not taste the alcohol, but it certainly packed a punch.


The Dish & Dram uses fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers markets. So the menu has two parts: a fixed menu with dishes they server year round, and a specials menu with seasonal dishes.

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I chose my dish from the seasonal menu, a crab cake entree, served with roasted vegetables. The crab cakes were flaky with big chunks of crab and no filler. The vegetables were cooked al dente. Both were covered with a tangy white sauce, that complemented the flavors quite well. All together, the dish was superb. One of my friends also ordered from the specials menu, getting roasted duck with asparagus and a potato puree. She said it was excellent. My other friend ordered from the fixed menu, getting the Norwegian Salmon. I did not get a review, but heard no complaints.


We ended the meal with desserts. I got the Strawberry Trifle, while my friends got the chocolate bourbon pecan pie. The trifle was layered with crushed strawberries and mascarpone cheese. A classic summer dish, that I quite enjoyed. I had a taste of the pie as well. It was rich and decadent and had a strong chocolate flavor. That is not always the case with chocolate pecan pies. Of the two, the pie was my clear favorite.

Final thoughts

While serving high end food, The Dish & Dram has a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The wait staff is friendly and very helpful. When I was deciding what to order, he gave me good advice and informative details that made my decision easy. The cost is a bit too pricey to go there every week, but it is a great place for special occasions.

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