Stewartstown Smoke House

Just north of the Maryland/Pennsylvania border, about 4 miles from Interstate 83, lies a small borough called Stewartstown.    In it, you’ll find one of the best barbecue places around.


Stewartstown Smoke House looks like a hole in the wall, and inside you will find great barbecue of the kind you would hope to get in such a place.  They have all manner of pit fare from pulled pork and smoked chicken to beef brisket, as well as  pub food such as hamburgers, grilled chicken breasts, and even corn dogs.  I decided to go with the pit beef.

The pit beef was superb.  The sauce was flavorful without being  too sweet or tangy. There are plenty of choices of sides including fries, green beans, hush puppies and baked beans.   It being a cold winter night, I decided to go the comfort food route and chose the mac and cheese.   This was cheesy and fresh, but not too heavy on the cheese.  I also wanted to have some vegetables so I ordered a house salad.   What came out was a generous helping of salad made with romaine lettuce and containing plenty of vegetables and shredded cheese.   The portion size was so big I had to take half of it home.

Maple glazed bacon cheesecake
Maple glazed bacon cheesecake

There were a couple of dessert options available including a seasonal black forest cake.   But the maple glazed bacon cheesecake was calling to me.  So that is what I had.  I was very happy with it, as the sweet and salty combo accented the cheesecake without overpowering it or being too sweet.


Stewartstown Smoke House has great food and a fantastic rustic ambience.    The service was also phenomenal.  It was so friendly and thorough that I felt like I was invited into their home, and not at a restaurant.  I highly recommend this place and plan on going back.

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