Rocky’s Ribs & BBQ

Sometimes the best barbecue can be found in the back of a truck on the side of the road.    On Saturday’s, and only on Saturday’s you can find Rocky’s Ribs & BBQ near the Sunoco in Hanover, MD.   Rocky has been doing this for 22 years.

Rocky's Ribs and BBQ
Rocky’s Ribs and BBQ is available once a week on the side of the road in Hanover, MD.

He has the full range of barbecue dishes including pit beef, chicken, ribs, minced BBQ, sausages, and a non-barbecue dish of fried fish.  He also has a bevy of sides such as baked beans, corn, yams, and collard greens.

I’ve had all of his main dishes and my two favorites are his chicken and his ribs.  At other places, I’ve had a lot of smoked chicken that is completely dried out.  Not so here.  Rocky’s chicken is moist, smoky, and delicious.  Likewise the ribs are tender without being dry, detaching from the bone every so slightly.  The barbeque sauce is liquidly BBQ saucewith a strong tangy, and not too sweet. It goes very well with both the ribs and the chicken, but not the beef.  I found the pit beef a too crumbly for my taste, and cannot recommend them.  The bratwurst was also a bit dry.  The minced BBQ turned out to be chicken, and not pork. It was still very good, but I prefer the chicken pieces.  All of the dishes have a nice, smokey, flavor.

Moving on to the sides, my hands down favorite is the baked beans.  A lot of barbecue places server dull beans straight from a can.  Rocky’s beans taste like they have been  made from scratch.  They include bits of bacon and onion and have just a hint of sweetness, which comes from brown sugar. These are some of the best beans I’ve ever had.  I liked the yams as well, although they are a little bit sweeter than the beans.  The mac ‘n’ cheese is solid and dense, but the cheese flavor is not as strong as I would have liked. It is better than the boxed variety, but could improved.  The greens are thoroguly cooked and are not bitter at all.  They do not have any added grease, making them a refreshing complement  to the barbecue. The potato salad is also very good, being nmayonnaise based, with solid chunks of potatoes and just a hint of tang.


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